South Africa takes conservative approach

Today saw a significant jump in both new countries in Africa recording index cases and an equally significant increase in the total number of cases reported, in fact a full 50% increase. See the updated tracker to see how this has changed.

In South Africa, President Ramaphosa declared a National Disaster after cases jumped from 38 to 61 in 24 hrs and announced a robust response. Here is a quick summary of Presidential Address concerning the Coronavirus, shared by a friend:

1. Declared national disaster.
2. Limit contact between person.
3. Imposing travel ban between high risk countries.
4. Cancelled/revoked visas.
5. Reframe all forms of international travel.
6. Self isolation and testing on citizens returning from international countries.
7. Strengthen screening at airports.
8. SA has 72 ports of entries, 35 will be shut down effective Monday.
9. Discourage all national travel.
10. Gatherings of more than 100 people prohibited.
11. Small gatherings unavoidable prevention and control needed.
12. School closes 18 March till Easter week-end.
13. Visits to all correctional services are suspended for 30 days.
14. Businesses to intensify hygiene control.

Be safe everyone and let’s use this opportunity to pull together as a nation and a continent!

Africa COVID 19 - March 2020 -3

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