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Welcome to “Path to Peak” consulting – our aim is to understand your particular business need, your specific context and your real challenges and help you plot a path to sustainable success! (Read about a recent procurement and strategy work we completed)

To do this we draw on considerable personal business and supply chain experience and also a wider network of contacts built up over years in various industries and around the world. We can do the research and analysis for you and work with your team to help craft a business case and a plan that can actually be implemented. Then, if you still need help to implement the plan, we can walk the journey with you. And if we can’t do it, we will find someone who can and has walked the path before.

We believe you need a robust fundamental understanding of business, a deep understanding of what makes people tick and a clear and compelling purpose.

  • Having the right solution without buy-in from the team is a path to no-where so we draw on strengths in change management and communication.
  • and starting a journey without having a clear view of the goal and the risks is also doomed to lead to a “dead end”. Here we draw on due diligence analysis, scenario planning, sensitivities and good old fashioned project planning to help craft a realistic path to the peak.

Our clear and compelling purpose is to help you plot a path to your peak – whatever that summit may be!

David is an adaptive individual, equally comfortable in project type environments across a number of business areas. He has strong project management and risk management rigour.

John Calder – Partner at Supply Chain and Procurement at Baringa Partners


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Dave’s defining strength is his people-centred leadership. His ability to build strong relationships both at senior levels and lower levels on the shop floor enables gives him the necessary credibility to get by-in to his plans and drive performance.
Amazing how he has remained understanding and caring whilst being tough on holding others accountable for performance. His key strengths are team leadership, Team alignment and driving continuous improvement.”

Nhlanhla Sithole – HR Director Southern Africa – Unilever

People-centred leadership

“Dave was tasked to direct a team in delivering a ‘proof of concept’ over a 5 week period. I worked with Dave in a limited capacity in helping to get the team up and running and ‘performing’ in an accelerated fashion. In spite of significant time pressures, Dave openly welcomed the team interventions and was willing to engage openly with each member of his team. I was struck by his self awareness and ability to reflect, whilst building up and actively listening to others on his team. I do not believe the team would have achieved the outcome it did in the time allocated had it not been for Dave’s leadership and insight.”

Karen Grant – Transition Coach

“Getting up to speed, at speed”